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Your Infinibag is where all your collectables are stored on MCC Island, sorted into five different tabs:

  • Golden Treasure Chest.png Everything - Contains everything.
  • Uncommon Coin Quest Scroll.png Consumables - Contains all your consumables.
  • Rare Scavenger Relic Blueprint.png Blueprints - Contains all your blueprints.
  • Iron Bolt.png Materials - Contains all your crafting materials.
  • Daily Quest Reroll Token.png Miscellaneous - Contains everything not sorted by the other pages.

The Infinibag does not store certain currency such as Coin.pngCoins and Gem.pngGems, but does display the counts on the right-hand side of the Infinibag's GUI.

You can access your Infinibag in any lobby by right clicking with its item in your hotbar or by using the command /infinibag.

Golden Treasure Chest.png Everything[edit]

The Everything tab includes all the contents of your infinibag. A full list of items (sorted by order found in-game, then rarity) that are held in this tab can be found below.

  • Faction Emblems and Blueprints
  • Prestige Quest Scrolls
  • Seasonal Shards and Tokens
  • Openables (Treasure Chests, Crates)
  • Scavenger Relics and Glimmering Scavenger Relics
  • Blueprints (Cosmetic, Scavenger Relic)
  • Mastery and Legacy Keys
  • Chroma Packs (Mechanical, Magical, Oceanic, Nature)
  • Quest Scrolls
  • Refresh Tokens (Task, Quest)
  • Crafting Catalysts
  • Daily Challenge Tickets
  • Cores (Treasure, Cosmetic)
  • Crafting Materials (Power Shards, Material Clusters, Generic)

Uncommon Coin Quest Scroll.png Consumables[edit]


Rare Scavenger Relic Blueprint.png Blueprints[edit]

The Blueprints tab contains all your blueprints, from Uncommon Scavenger Relic blueprints, to Epic Cosmetic blueprints.

Iron Bolt.png Materials[edit]

The Materials tab contains all your crafting materials sorted from Mythic.png to Common.png, starting with Power Shards, Material Clusters, and Generic Materials.