Sky Battle - Water Fight

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Sky Battle - Water Fight was a remix of the last-team standing, 8-team, 32-player arena battle game: Sky Battle

Remixed Gameplay Changes[edit]

In this remix of Sky Battle, players only take "damage" from water-based sources. If a player gets too soaked, they are eliminated from the game. All players start the game with the following equipment:

  • Hydroblaster
    • Fires 3 jets of water per second
    • Each jet deals 1.5 soak
    • Maximum fill capacity is 20 jets per refill
    • Refill time is 1.7 seconds
  • Water Sword
    • Deals 4 Soak at full charge
    • 0.6 Second charge time
    • Soak is increased by 50% while falling
  • 3x Water Bottle
    • Is used to refill the Hydroblaster with water
    • Could be refilled at any water source block scattered around the map
  • Towel
    • Instantly restores 3 dryness
  • Infinite building blocks
  • Efficiency 3 Iron Pickaxe

Due to the nature of this game, and players only being able to take damage from water-based sources, players do not take fall damage in this game. However, if a player enters a water source, they slowly take damage. Besides using a towel, players could become more dry by simply not getting wet for a period of time. Loot chests are also altered to fit with the water-based items. Aside from extra water bottles and towels, the following could be found in loot chests:

  • Water Creepers
  • Timed Water Balloon
    • Bursts after 2.2 seconds
    • Deals 4 Soak
  • Water Bucket
  • Spark of Speed
    • Increase your movement speed by 60% for 1.8 seconds
  • Spark of Levitation
    • Levitates the user 13 blocks over 2.5 seconds

To see the experience table, see the Sky Battle page


Update History[edit]


  • Re-introduced Sky Battle - Water Fight for the duration of one weekend.
  • Introduced a new map, Sandcastle.
  • Adjustments to the Hydroblaster:
    • Soak damage per shot increased from 1.0 to 1.5.
    • Fire rate reduced from 4 to 3 jets per second.


  • Removed Sky Battle - Water Fight.