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Ranks are items purchased with real life money which give the user access to special perks and exclusive features on the server. There are also special ranks given to content creators, MCC participants, moderators, and Noxcrew members. All paid ranks can be purchased here.

There are four paid ranks on the server: Champ, Grand Champ, Grand Champ Royale, and a subscription rank called MCC+.

Lifetime Ranks[edit]

Grand Champ
Grand Champ Royale
Price $9.99 $34.99 $69.99
Username Color Green Blue Gold
Priority Queue ✔️
Remote Access to Game Queues ✔️
Remote Access to the Barber ✔️
Access to Trails & Auras ✔️
Exclusive Epic Trail & Aura ✔️
Exclusive Legendary Trail & Aura ✔️
Access to Disguising (/disguise) ✔️
Bonus Fusion Forging Slots +1 +2
Bonus Scroll Quest Slots +1 +2
Bonus Daily Quest Rerolls +1 +2 +3
Bonus Daily Quest Slots +1 +2 +3
Bonus Assembly Slots +1 +2 +2
Bonus Cosmetic Profiles +1 +3 +5

MCC+-icon.png MCC+[edit]

MCC+ is a subscription rank with pricing as follows:

Duration Price
30-day Renewing $7.69
Non-Renewing $7.99
90-day $19.99
360-day $76.79

Having the MCC+ rank nets you the following:

  • Daily gems
    • You will receive 10 gems per day, which can be claimed through the login screen
      • The login screen can be accessed upon joining the server, through clicking any NPC that has Login Menu above their heads, or by typing /login in chat
    • Gems are stored in the login menu for up to three days, making the maximum amount of gems that can be stored there to be 30
  • Player Icon
    • An evolving icon depending on how long you've had the rank for
      • The rank goes on the right of the player's username, alternatively to the lifetime ranks' icons which go on the left
  • Parkour Warrior Daily
    • Skip the ticket system and have unlimited access to the daily Parkour Warrior Dojo courses
  • Favorite Games
    • Set three of your favorite games to heighten the chance of receiving daily quests for them
  • Private Lobbies
    • Host private games for your friends (with a minimum of 4 players)
      • Choose the game and maps to play
      • Alter games based on various customizable settings
      • Choose teams based on party, shuffling all players, or shuffle all teams except for the host's party
  • Bonus Rewards
    • Earn bonus rewards from your Daily Meter and Meter Chest each time you claim them
  • Chat Emojis
    • The ability to use emojis in chat (a list of which can be found through /emojis)
  • Gameplay XP Boost
    • Gain 30% extra XP through gameplay

Special Ranks[edit]

These ranks can not be purchased by any means and are gained by specific criteria. They each have different perks depending on their rank.

Contestant-icon.png Contestant[edit]

This rank is given to all participants of regular MC Championship events, and to some participants who have only participated in special events (such as MCC Pride).

  • Username Color: Pink
  • Special Tag: Contestant-tag.png

Creator-icon.png Creator[edit]

This rank is given to creators who apply for it on the MCC Island forums and meet the set requirements. The rank was also given to every participant of MCC Rising 2, regardless of if they met the requirements.

  • Username Color: Pink
  • Special Tag: Creator-tag.png

Mod-icon.png Moderator[edit]

This rank is given to all MCC Island moderators. Moderators are chosen via moderator applications on the MCC Island forums. Moderators are here to help players on the server as well as enforcing rules when needed.

  • Username Color: Purple
  • Special Tag: Mod-tag.png

Noxcrew-icon.png Noxcrew[edit]

This rank is given to members of Noxcrew.

  • Username Color: Red
  • Special Tag: Noxcrew-tag.png