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Cosmetics are one of the main features on MCC Island, allowing players to customize their character. Cosmetics can be obtained in a variety of ways, including Cosmetic Crates and the Battle Pass.

There are currently five different types of Cosmetics:


Most cosmetics are obtained by consuming "Cosmetic Tokens", consumable items stored in your Infinibag. These are obtained by crafting them from "Blueprints" using the Blueprint Assembler. Clicking one of these tokens consumes it and unlocks the corresponding cosmetic in your wardrobe. Other cosmetics are immediately unlocked in the Wardrobe upon obtaining them, such as those from the Battle Pass and Game Passes.


Wardrobe Menu.png

Cosmetics can be equipped in the Wardrobe in the player's hotbar. Only one of each type of Cosmetic can be equipped at one time.

Cosmetics are grouped together by collections - e.g. all cosmetics obtained in Season 3 will appear in the "Season 3: Candy Factory" collection.

If a player doesn't yet own a cosmetic, they can preview it and see roughly how it is obtained.

All cosmetics reward players with Style Trophy.png Style Trophies based on their rarity and unlocked chromas. Certain cosmetics reward Icon-Champion Score Bonus.png Bonus Trophies instead, if they are currently unobtainable in-game in any way.

Players may choose to scavenge their Cosmetic Tokens for Silver.png Silver and Royal Reputation.png Royal Reputation at the Scavenger's Hideout. If a player already owns a cosmetic, clicking on the token will warp them to the Scavenger's Hideout as a guidance.

Chroma Customisation[edit]

Wardrobe Editor Menu.png

Certain cosmetics can be personalized using Chroma Packs, allowing players to change the colour of the cosmetic to the exact colour and shade they want. There are four colour gradients available, each with 27 shades:

  • Chroma-Thermal.png Mechanical
  • Chroma-Verdant.png Natural
  • Chroma-Oceanic.png Oceanic
  • Chroma-Regal.png Magical

Additionally, unlocking any of the four colour gradients also unlocks a Chroma-Greyscale.png greyscale palette, filled with 9 different shades.

Icon-Outfits-New.png Cosmetic Outfits[edit]

Cosmetic Outfits Menu NEW.png

Cosmetic Outfits allow you to save a loadout of cosmetics and their selected colours to a slot in your Outfit Menu. The menu can be accessed via the Wardrobe.

The cosmetic displayed as the icon for an outfit in the menu follows this priority:

  • Hat
  • Accessory
  • Aura
  • Trail
  • Cloak

As such, any outfit saved without any cosmetic will show the Icon-Hat-Empty.png empty hat icon.

A total of 10 slots can be unlocked through purchasing a rank or accumulating Style Trophy.png Style Trophies:

Requirement Slots Unlocked
Champ-icon.png Champ 1
Grand-Champ-icon.png Grand Champ 2
Grand-Champ-Royal-icon.png Grand Champ Royale 2
500 Style Trophy.png 1
1,000 Style Trophy.png
5,000 Style Trophy.png
10,000 Style Trophy.png
15,000 Style Trophy.png

Cosmetic Collections[edit]

In total, there are currently 742 cosmetics to unlock in 27 collections, rewarding 45,045 Style Trophy.png Style Trophies and 1,725 Icon-Champion Score Bonus.png Bonus Trophies.

Oceanic Collection.png
Oceanic Collection
Natural Collection.png
Natural Collection
Mechanical Collection.png
Mechanical Collection
Magical Collection.png
Magical Collection
Mythic Gate Collection
Royal Collection.png
Royal Collection
Secret Styles Collection.png
Secret Styles Collection
Pose One Collection
Pose Two Collection.png
Pose Two Collection
26 Cosmetics
(23 Icon-Color.png)
1,205 Style Trophy.png
26 Cosmetics
(20 Icon-Color.png)
1,175 Style Trophy.png
26 Cosmetics
(19 Icon-Color.png)
1,165 Style Trophy.png
26 Cosmetics
(19 Icon-Color.png)
1,165 Style Trophy.png
12 Cosmetics
(10 Icon-Color.png)
3,000 Style Trophy.png
25 Cosmetics
(22 Icon-Color.png)
2,595 Style Trophy.png
25 Cosmetics
(20 Icon-Color.png)
2,575 Style Trophy.png
35 Cosmetics
(30 Icon-Color.png)
1,795 Style Trophy.png
35 Cosmetics
(29 Icon-Color.png)
1,785 Style Trophy.png
Splinters Collection
Hidden Collection.png
Hidden Collection
Icon TGTTOS.png
TGTTOS Collection
Icon HITW.png
HITW Collection
Icon BB.png
Battle Box Collection
Icon SB.png
Sky Battle Collection
Icon PKW.png
Parkour Warrior Collection
Icon DYB.png
Dynaball Collection
Mystical Aquatic Token.png
Mystical Aquatic Collection
12 Cosmetics
(10 Icon-Color.png)
480 Style Trophy.png
46 Cosmetics
(39 Icon-Color.png)
1,490 Style Trophy.png
22 Cosmetics
(13 Icon-Color.png)
1,320 Style Trophy.png
22 Cosmetics
(20 Icon-Color.png)
1,390 Style Trophy.png
22 Cosmetics
(18 Icon-Color.png)
1,370 Style Trophy.png
22 Cosmetics
(9 Icon-Color.png)
1,280 Style Trophy.png
22 Cosmetics
(15 Icon-Color.png)
1,340 Style Trophy.png
22 Cosmetics
(13 Icon-Color.png)
1,320 Style Trophy.png
23 Cosmetics
(16 Icon-Color.png)
1,620 Style Trophy.png
Neon Galaxy Token.png
Neon Galaxy Collection
Candy Factory Token.png
Candy Factory Collection
Ancient Jungle Token.png
Ancient Jungle Collection
Squidtek Ambassador Badge.png
Squidtek Collection
Spooky Huntmaster Badge.png
Spooky Collection
Special Collection.png
Special Collection
Bonus Collection.png
Bonus Collection
Aura Collection
30 Cosmetics
(28 Icon-Color.png)
2,055 Style Trophy.png
30 Cosmetics
(21 Icon-Color.png)
1,985 Style Trophy.png
34 Cosmetics
(22 Icon-Color.png)
2,195 Style Trophy.png
22 Cosmetics
(19 Icon-Color.png)
1,480 Style Trophy.png
10 Cosmetics
(7 Icon-Color.png)
640 Style Trophy.png
85 Cosmetics
(16 Icon-Color.png)
2,295 Style Trophy.png
28 Cosmetics
(20 Icon-Color.png)
1,125 Bonus Trophy.png
21 Cosmetics
(N/A Icon-Color.png)
790 Style Trophy.png
33 Cosmetics
(4 Icon-Color.png)
1,295 Style Trophy.png

In addition, there are 2 cosmetics that were rewarded to MCC Island testers which are part of the Bonus Collection, but do not count to totals for normal players and give 0 Bonus Trophy.png Bonus Trophies: